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Interview by: Lee Majors for 50mm
Photos courtesy of: Risky himself and Roger Gastman

What's up peeps? Lee Majors here again on the move and bringing you
another exclusive interview with yet another L.A. Legend and pioneer of graff.
Well for the record, this interview is well over dude. About two months old and
Risky has been at it since then. Regardless, let’s go back to what he had t...

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LA Graff Innovator..........PRIME-K2S...

Interview by: Lee Majors for 50mm
Transcribed by: Lady Godiva’re going to see Prime until the day I die. -

And I believe it!!!!

Now-a-days when you think of the LA graff scene a few names and crews
automatically come to mind. And it’s cool and all cuz LA gets repped hard
and gets repped globally but there was a time befo...

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Remembering Tolse STP IFK

Story by Cisco CBS
50mm staff writer

TOLSE was able to see spaces of the city that most people never even
acknowledged, and he was able to hit spots that most writers in LA hadn't
reached before. While writers in Hollywood and LA were getting the attention,
TOLSE was 12-years-old, bombing the Valley all by himself. He was
informed by the school of WISK, SER, CHAKA, SLEEZ, TRIAX and...

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Mek one...West Coast Artists...Rtdkiller...City BomberS...

Story by
Wisk WCA
50mm staff writer

There are many writers from this great city that have experienced Los Angeles live and un-cut . Many have come out and been around for a few years and many have come around and stayed around for more years than they imagined. But not to many can say they were Crew Leaders, or Trend Starters, Pioneers, or even an L.A. Legend. Mek one can though he wont sa...

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GIN ONE: Bus Writer Days

Story by Gin TNT
50mm staff writer

The Year was 1986 when I began to notice graffiti on the transits. Some of the first tags that I remember seeing back then were "MR" for "Miner" and "Rival" dripper tags on the outsides of buses. Although these were among some of the first most prominent tags that I had seen they would not be the last tags I would see. My bus line was RTD Bus Line 68 which ...

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The Belmont Tunnel

Story by Shandu LABS
50mm staff writer

I would like to thank 50mmlosangeles for the opportunity to bring some light into the tunnel, or better said, the Belmont Tunnel. The Belmont Tunnel? Why the Belmont Tunnel? Who gave it its name? When did it actually become famous? Who painted there first? What were the first pieces done there?

These questions often surround the tunnel and these qu...

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Do You Remember?

Sent in By ...SNEKISM-ONER-KWS (01/12/01)

"Do you remember?"
the old school cat tails that used to come after each ending leter with little dots after them or that fool "Caser-Tsk" that fool had Slauson and the 108 on lock down or pencil scribers or how "Skill" was up all over downtown LA in every different style he had or when fools used to do top to bottoms on the bus outsides or your f...

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Story by Unit TBG CBS and Relax LOD
50mm staff writers

Skate One r.i.p. 1969-1993 was one of L.A.'s most legendary graffiti artists.
There are so many stories behind this man that need to be heard. I am
hoping to get emails from anyone who knew of him... friend or foe if you have
a story about SKATE please email us!

I read your article on Skate and it brought back a lot of memorie...

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50mm poll...

What is more important to the longevity of graffiti?
Unity amongst all writers.
Low pro spots-keeping it under the radar.
Going all out and bankrupting the system.

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