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Do You Remember?

Sent in By ...SNEKISM-ONER-KWS (01/12/01)

"Do you remember?"
the old school cat tails that used to come after each ending leter with little dots after them or that fool "Caser-Tsk" that fool had Slauson and the 108 on lock down or pencil scribers or how "Skill" was up all over downtown LA in every different style he had or when fools used to do top to bottoms on the bus outsides or your favorite lay over spots to mob buses or when fools used to rock the old school starter hats with their name and crew stitched on the side or that big ass "Skept" you seen when you got to the Panic Zone yard or when "Hex and Slick" battled and that shit was on TV or when "NTS and KCC" battled or "Kiser and Saten KTL" stencils on whole bus benches or "Wisk-Wca" numbered throw-ups or when "UTI and TCF" battled at the Belmont Tunnel or the infamous LA nonstop tag that no one but LA has or when "Posk-Rock-Akua-BL" mobbed the metro blue line when they first started running or when fools had their mean streaks spots,uni and supply spots and you knew whose spot that was because the had a tag inside the store displays or fools used to actually even rack their shit instead of buying it like now or "Gin-Tnt" throw ups or when fool used to mix and make their own colors in the uni's or when "Chaka ans Sleez" got busted for getting a spot in the elevator while Chaka had court and the news had them on TV or when fools used to rock the RTD hats and sweaters they used to rack from the bus drivers or making fake bus passes with color copies or when fools used to use the little tester cans to mob with or when there use to be writers meeting at the movie theater on Pacific blvd in HP or driver's side billboards and tops, I can go on and on, it brings me back to the old school when graff was a new thing for they ghetto youth of Los Angeles...............

Do you remember?
when you would meet other writers on the bus and you knew they were writers because they had paint stains on their clothes or "Devo-Kcc"RIP grills or "Marco" grills who had a ugly tag but was up or little white Pentel markers or "Charlie- Dtk" used to piece Ocho but in different styles or that dope ass medusa character "Hex- Tgo" did in the first "Hex&Slick" battle or seeing "Triax" up but you sometimes didn't notice it because he used stock tips or "DR-One-Desaster-Tnt-Mck" driver's side tops or "Sesk-Nts" driver's side billboards or When fools had a tagging partner and would hit each other up or inside front windshield scribes or cutting your meanstreaks in half and having 2 color streaks or mixing silver with other colors and having that dope ass silver and red effect or "Rezen- Uti" throw ups in downtown LA or when "Sleez-Otr-Lod" had downtown LA on lockdown and had a tag on every light pole or "Key-Mak & Angst-Its" where one of the first ones to get freeways spots or when "Nts" had the "Sek2 & "Drek2" thing going or seeing the "Phantom" up even before you knew what graff was, but you knew you seen it up or going to Standard Brands to rack Magnum markers and piant or before RTD was MTA or seeing " RSL" up on the buses with a yellow streak in dope gangster writting or when gangsters starting using fat caps or when you used to go to back of the bus to try and find a spot to catch a scribe on the white bar that went across the bottom of the window or catching a landmark on the concrete bottom part of the bus benches or going to the 99 cents store to rack fat caps off the oven cleaner cans or when you used to get on one bus catch a tag, get off, get on a other bus catch a tag and do this all day or when "Slick- K2Stn" did a character of himself as superman choking "Hex-Tgo" as batman at the levitz yard, memories... bringing it back like juicy Pilots on bus benches and when a sucka jumps up to get beat down see how it sounds a little unrational some Mc's like to use the word dramatical, fresh for 88 you suckas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Do you remember?"
When "SNM" was rocking it, fools like " Sekio 5" or when the first "Can Crontrol" graff mag came out in black & white or when Hex-Tgo", "Duke-K2Stn", "Mandoe-Mak"and"Slick- K2Stn" did that art gallery over at some one spot by Olvera St,they all did some wicked shit on canvas or going to the Crenshaw Wall and it was all pieced on or when "Slick-K2Stn" did that piece for that "Who's the mack?" Ice Cube video at the Motor Yard or When "Miner- Wca" was doing that Bugs Bunny stencil or getting on the bus a seeing a undercover and you could always spot them because they where white fools wearing running shoes and look way out of place or holding the back door of the bus open so the bus couldn't leave and your holmies could catch tags or when "Chaka-Lod" got busted and they made him do that video against graff or when " Cab-Ifk" was rocking the freeways or "FB" Freway Bombers, "IFK" Interstate Freeway Killers or making a skinny tip out of the krylon can cap or how fools used to be low pro with their racking spots and other fools would find out and go burn it or when you your crew would be madd deep get on buses and mob the fuck out of it and the bus driver couldn't say shit, going into stores and just grab shit and bounce or when "Nts" and "Tdk" had beef or trying to find a spot in the back of the bus on that black spot by the back door and it way mobbed on...SNEKISM-ONER-KWS (01/12/01)

Posted 04.7.04 by Unit

50mm poll...

What is more important to the longevity of graffiti?
Unity amongst all writers.
Low pro spots-keeping it under the radar.
Going all out and bankrupting the system.

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