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Story by Unit TBG CBS
50mm staff writer

If you’ve been having as much trouble as I have finding a copy of the new Style Wars Revisited DVD then hit up Scion ROUTE a hip-hop film screenings tour and catch it for free along with three other films important to Hip Hop history.

Scion is partnering with various different student organizations in order to host screenings of four independent films that have played key roles in the development of hip-hop culture and its four elements — the MC, DJ, b-boy, and graffiti artist, over the past two decades. ROUTE will hit 20 college campuses across the country between April and May 2004. The four films featured are Style Wars, Dithers, The Freshest Kids and the classic Wild Style theatrical release.

For those not knowing, Style Wars Revisited is a re-release of the timeless documentary on New York graffiti Style Wars. The original film appeared on PBS way back in 1984. The film is excellent as a historical piece especially in terms of it’s capture of all view points including some classic footage of Mayor Koch, Dondi, Seen and Cap. Especially interesting in this re-release is the extra footage of the writers now in 2003, twenty years later...

All screenings are FREE of charge. Early arrival is suggested as capacity is limited.For more information on the tour and its films, or to RSVP for a screening, go visit

Posted 03.29.04 by Unit

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What is more important to the longevity of graffiti?
Unity amongst all writers.
Low pro spots-keeping it under the radar.
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