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50mm Los Angeles was first established in 1996 as a celebration of Los Angeles photography.
The site is maintained by a collective of photographers, reporters and editors from all corners of Los Angeles lead by our Editor in Chief, Gabe the Saint. Click to the gallery for graffiti art, murals, guerilla art, street art and lifestyle photography from Los Angeles and around the world. Got something interesting to see? Click to the Submit Photos page and let the world see it... If you have art shows, music events, or gallery openings to promote hit up the Submit Events page...

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FREE KUTMAH THE BACKGROUND STORY Kutmah was born in the UK to an Egyptian mother and Scottish father. He moved to the US with his mother when he was 12 years old. They immediately applied for residency to keep them from being sent to Egypt. As a British citizen the court ruled that he would be able to live in the UK which in their eyes wasn't such a bad place. They denied their application. Kutmah and his Mom returned to court to plead ...

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== Evolve Your Own Style ==

Interview by: Lee Majors - 50MM Agent
Photos courtesy of EYOS
Translated by Lee Majors and Genio
An underrated, under-the-radar country in graffiti yet it has some of the
most talented most active graffiti writers I've ever seen. With a booming
scene that has been recently creating a global buzz, 50mm heads down
south again…to Mexico.
Last year, while eating tacos, I introduced Peque-VRS from Mexico. And
over some strawberry ...

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Must Take All

Interview by Tommie Frazier and Gabe the Saint
50mm Staff Writers

Los Angeles today is saturated with hundreds of people that are attempting to make their Mark well known. It takes great effort, skill, and dedication to stand out from the pack. We sat down with a crew that after much adversity is definitely going above and beyond in the Graffiti scene. Their Graff can be spotted from Los Angeles across the country and even internationallyâ...

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Legend Spotlight:


Interview by: Lee Majors for 50mm
Photos courtesy of: Risky himself and Roger Gastman

What's up peeps? Lee Majors here again on the move and bringing you
another exclusive interview with yet another L.A. Legend and pioneer of graff.
Well for the record, this interview is well over dude. About two months old and
Risky has been at it since then. Regardless, let’s go back to what he had to
say then as many know what he’s up to lately...

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LA Graff Innovator..........PRIME-K2S...

Interview by: Lee Majors for 50mm
Transcribed by: Lady Godiva’re going to see Prime until the day I die. -

And I believe it!!!!

Now-a-days when you think of the LA graff scene a few names and crews
automatically come to mind. And it’s cool and all cuz LA gets repped hard
and gets repped globally but there was a time before them kats and even the
90’s. A time w...

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Remembering Tolse STP IFK

Story by Cisco CBS
50mm staff writer

TOLSE was able to see spaces of the city that most people never even
acknowledged, and he was able to hit spots that most writers in LA hadn't
reached before. While writers in Hollywood and LA were getting the attention,
TOLSE was 12-years-old, bombing the Valley all by himself. He was
informed by the school of WISK, SER, CHAKA, SLEEZ, TRIAX and GESO.
TOLSE could be seen on freeway heavens, r...

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What is more important to the longevity of graffiti?
Unity amongst all writers.
Low pro spots-keeping it under the radar.
Going all out and bankrupting the system.

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